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What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a permanent hair transplant procedure applied for those who have partial or complete baldness or hair loss due to genetic, metabolic and anatomical reasons in which the scalp is not cut but hair follicles are taken one by one with special needle ends with diameter of 0.7 mm under local anesthesia from the hairy part of the head through the nape of the neck and over ears. This process must be done in operating rooms by doctors and expert personnels in a full sterile environment and for the efficacy of this procedure superfine channel openers must be used.

Hair Transplant Steps

Pre-Operative Assessment and Hair Analysis

For a healthy hair transplant operation, firstly detailed analysis and examination of a specialist doctor is required. It is significant that patients find answers to all questions in the mind and get satisfactory answers from every aspect. In our clinic, when giving appointments to our patients, considering the time that our patient needs, we give enough time to our patients in order for them to ask all  their  questions and getting answers.
During the examination we analyse patients hairs' health, density and type with hair analysis. We measure hair loss ratio and say our patient how much graft he needs for hair transplant operation by calculating mathematically.
After all this information has been provided and our patients requests have been received, if the operation is decided mutually, we make an operation appointment at an appropriate date.

Local Anesthesia and Grafting

First step of Hair Transplant Operation is the anesthesia of donor area locally. After this procedure, our patient doesn't feel any pain or ache.
After Local Anesthesia, grafting begins. Thanks to gold-plated tips grafts are taken one by one without causing allergy. These grafts are seperated by examination under a microscope.
Counting and sequencing of these seperated grafts are made. In this way, grafts for planning in the hair transplant area are shared.

Identification of Frontal Hairlineİ

By considering our patients'  requests, to create a natural front hairline, with a special medical pen frontal hairline is drawn. While determining frontal hairline,there are a few important details to be taken into account. The patient is informed by explaining these details and we decide together with our patient the optimal design which please the patient.

Opening Incisions

In the Platelet-rich Plasma Supported Hair Transplant Method, holes are opened with the slit technique, in Direct Hair Implant there is no hole opening. Grafts are transplanted directly with a special pen. In percutaneous hair transplantation hole opening is made with a special needle. This is one of the most important steps that seperates hair transplantation techniques.


Grafts are inserted to the holes one by one with special clamps. While this stage is applied in Hair Transplantation reinforced with Platelet-rich Plasma  and percutaneous hair transplantation, in Direct Hair Implant this stage changes since the grafts are placed directly into the hair follicle thanks to the choi pen.


After Hair Transplantation, donor site is first dressed and the hair bandage is attached to prevent edema flow on the face. If our patient go outside, wearing the special hat is requested. It is important to protect patient from the dust in the air and rain drops and other factors.


We would like our patient to have a rest in the day after hair transplant. On the second day we call our patient back to the hospital for the first hair wash. We request from the patient to come to our clinic for controls  periodically by explaining in detail how to wash hair and what to watch out for.


After Hair Transplant we call our patient to our clinic at the 2-15-30-90-180 and 365.days and we are watching recovery process closely. From patients coming from abroad, we would like to send photos via e-mail or WhatsApp.


Healing process begins a few days after hair transplant. If patients come from abroad, they can get on a plane after 3 days. After a week or ten days you can shower easily. After a month patients can go to the pool, solarium or swimming. In 15-45 days, the hair is lossed for once. From the fourth month your permanent hair starts to grow. At the sixth month %80 of your hairs grow. The results of hair transplantation procedure emerges prominently average in 8 or 10 months. In this process if patient wants, with Platelet-rich Plasma, both the healing process and the quality of the hair can be improved. Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment can enable adaption of transplanted hairs by increasing the quality of hair.

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