Personal Hair Transplant Technique


While planning the hair transplant operation,doctors should undergo some checks and procedures,in order to determine personal hair transplant technique.In the personal hair transplant technique,it is aimed to determine the most appropriate and best method for each patient.


Nowadays,during the operation of the hair transplantation,a file is prepared,which includes photographs of the head region taken from the various angles of the patient during examination and past medical history of the person.These photographs include detailed images of areas of hair loss and baldness and of the donor site where healthy hair follicles are to be extracted.


Classification of Hair Loss

In the determination of the personal hair transplant technique,firstly the type of hair loss is specified and classified.Areas,where the hair loss occured and where the healthy hair follicles are extracted from are examined and identified in detail.This procedure enables to reach the first parameters which are taken into consideration  in determining to hair transplant technique.

.......... of the Donor Sites

It is very important that in the design of the personal hair transplant technique donor site of hair transplant candidate is correctly identified as suitable to the hair transplant process.The number of grafts in the donor area where healthy follicles are extracted,how much grafts can be extracted,with which technique it will be more beneficial are the factors that should be determined carefully.

Characteristics of Hair and Scalp 

The color of the scalp and hair,diameter,laxation and tightness of scalp tissue are among the important factors in determination of personal hair transplant technique.In such cases more specialized techniques may need to be applied to improve the success of the hair transplant technique.

Estimation of Hair Transplantation Technique

It is possible to predict these ratios by microscopic hair and scalp analysis.By means of this data,besides the treatment of the existing sparse and bald areas of the person possible hair loss areas may be detected reinforcement techniques may be applied to those areas.

Special Techniques Used for Hair Transplant

In the Special Techniques Used for Hair Transplant instead of old techniques such as FUT,FUE technique and the subgroups of the FUE technique offer a wide variety of hair transplant technique options.These are:MicroMotor FUE technique,Percutan FUE technique,Gold FUE technique,Manual FUE technique,Pen FUE technique.These techniques have their own unique characteristics in the planting of the hair follicles one by one.For people with sensitive scalp,a Gold FUE technique is used to reduce the risk of scars,while a manual FUE or Pen FUE technique needs to be preferred for the people who want non-shaved hair transplant.

Determination of Special Techniques for Hair Transplant,general characteristics of the person,the period of time that the patient can spare for the hair transplant operation and post operation and the wage that the patient can give for the hair transplant plays an important role. According to the personal characteristics and preferences of the patient ,Special Techniques in the Hair Transplant is decided in this way.


Micro-Fue Method for Hair Transplantation Service ...