Special Design for Hair Transplant


Thanks to the Special Design for Hair Transplant many people complete their hair transplant with satisfaction.The aim is to reach a natural and lush hair for patients who wants to transplant hair.In order to achieve this goal  personal design is made according to the needs and desires of the person,in accordance with age,hair type,health condition and amount of lost hair.

Special Design for Hair Transplant is the most significant stage of hair transplant procedure.The shape of hair after hair transplant is determined via computer-aided programs  before operation.To do this during examination images of the patient from various angles are taken.With these photographs,the areas in which sparseness and baldness of the scalp are seen,are displayed in detail. It is planned how to do the hair transplant procedure with designs from various angles on the face.In addition, the designs of the hairline and temporal region of the person are made with these photographs.


Special Design of Hairline

In hair transplantation,determining hairline is the most important factor affecting the success of the operation.Designing ths hairline requires arthistic knowledge.The part of the hair that surrounds face shold be indented and sparseness and density should be compatible with  each other.A hair line that isn't well-matched with  the face can cause considerable discomfort to the person as a result of a non-aesthetic appearance.


Desires and Expectations of a Person

While Special Design for Hair Transplant procedure is  being planned ,during the examination the desires and expectations of the person are learned and the planning is done accordingly.Expectations of the person about hair density and preferences in the areas where the the hair thinning occurs.

 Age Factor in the Special Hair Transplant 

The age of the person is a very important situation which requires Special Hair Transplant.In the Planning of Hair Transplant of a patient of 30 years old and a patient of 40 years old,it is necessary to take into consideration the characteristics of the age. The density of hair follicles applied to a person in his 40s or 50s should not be the same as his 30s.

In certain age groups,age-appropriate sparseness and hair loss rate should be taken into consideration.Forehead line must be determined accordingly.


Hair with the density of 30 years old cause an absolutely unnatural appearance in 40 years old patient.And in the forthcoming periods it causes a very disturbing anxiety.


Conformity of the Donor Site

In the Special Design for Hair Transplant,it is very important that the donor site of the hair transplant candidate is correctly identified as suitable for hair transplant.The number of the grafts present in the donor area where healthy hair follicles are extracted should be carefully determined to state how much it can be extracted. Otherwise following the hair transplant procedure donor area in other words  behind the head may occur undesirable thinness or baldness.

Characteristics of the Patient

The patient's style,facial features,general characteristics of the face and age,front line of the face and transplanted hair's density are among the parameters of hair design. Special Design for Hair Transplant is a procedure that needs to take into consideration more parameters than gold ratio calculation.In order not to regret the image you have after hair transplant,you should choose your hair transplant surgeon very carefully and you should get detailed information about how to design your hair.Do not forget hair transplant is an art. 

According to the age of patient

It is very important to start hair transplant at what age.The ideal age of start is 30,because hair transplantation at very early ages can be the beginning of an expensive journey that will take a long time.In the 20-24 aged people,hair loss is seen as receding of hairlines and thinness of the hair on the temporal regions.If the Patient in these ages does not want to wait more sparse hair transplant is done by using fewer grafts.If the patient  wants to regain the old hair line and hair density completely in order to obtain this result,thousands of grafts,dozens of sessions and plenty of expense are required.


According to the Hair Types

Some patients' hair may be of mixed hair type in other words they may not be the same type in each region.Hair Transplant is performed by taking care of the color,shape and thickness of the hair extracted from the donor area.For example,when curly hair grow from the top of the ear,wavy hair may grow at the front region.The doctor performing the operation needs to provide a natural image by planting appropriate hair to the appropriate region.

According to the Health Condition 

The person who will make hair transplant,should not have a serious health problem.People with chronic diseases such as heart,blood vessel,kidney,clotting disorder,haemophilia and people with skin disorders in the transplantation area may not be appropriate for hair transplant.Before making a decision,the doctor should be consulted.If the patient doesn't have the above mentioned diseases and doesn't consume alcohol and cigarettes,the success rate of hair transplantation is higher.

According to the Amount of Lost Hair 

Since the natural appearance is essential,the amount of hair to be transplanted is determined according to the patient.As the hair to be transplanted is also extracted from the head of the patient again,the density of the hair is also important.Sparseness of the recipient area and how much hair follicles are needed in order to get a natural appearance is calculated with the aid of computer.After this calculation,if there isn't enough donor site,hair of the other parts of the body can be used.


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