Beard, Mustache and Eye Brow Transplantation


If your beard and mustache are thin or fewer, with Beard, Mustache and Eye Brow Transplantation ,there is now treatment for this.This is possible now with hair transplantation.It is possible to have a more aesthetic appearance by transplantation with FUE technique to the areas with regional thinness,folliculitis or scars.

According to the statistic of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery,with the increase in the public awareness about hair transplantation, it was observed a large increase in demand for beard and mustache transplant in Turkey and nearby geographical areas.There is no treatment of growing new hair in the hairless area yet.Therefore the best method is transplantation procedure. It is possible to have a more aesthetic appearance by transplantation with FUE and FUT technique to the areas with regional thinness,folliculitis or scars.


What are the reasons of the loss of beard,mustache and sideburn?

Density and thickness of the hair is completely depends on genetic. For 3 years after adolescence beard and mustache are thickened and got the long,hard and dark hair form.As long as there is no significant change in the level of testosterone,beard hair maintain its characteristic.Loss of beard can also occur due to skin diseases as well as autoimmune diseases.Except those,hormonal changes cause the biggest damage.In order to figure out reasons of hair loss,testosterone level should be controlled.

For whom is Beard, Mustache and Eye Brow Transplantation suitable?

Very sparse beard or sparse beard are the leading reasons for transplantation applications of patients.Beard Transplantation is done at 20-22 years old,in which hormones reaching basal levels.This procedure is also preferred for man who has sparse beard but wants to grow his sideburn.Beard transplantation procedure is also performed to men who have no beard as well as in parts very sparse beards.

How is Beard, Mustache and Eye Brow Transplantation performed?

If there is a general sparseness or beard loss in parts, transplantation procedure is arranged according to beard sparseness. If there is no beard, dependent on the beard density of he wants and the limit 1000 to 3000 roots can be transplanted. If a man who has no beard, transplants to the  mustache and jaw areas 400 roots,to the sideburn areas 100 roots,totally transplantation of 1.000 roots,provides significant changes in appearance.

Beard transplantation is performed by extracting the hair roots in the areas slightly over nape or ears. In the Beard Transplantation FUE technique is implemented to men who accepts shaving beard and FUT technique is implemented to ones who doesn't accepts.Hairs in the area of lower jaw,breast,lower-part of the nape and cheekbone can be used in order to thicken more sparse areas of beard.

How is the process of beard,mustache and eye brow transplantation?

After beard transplantation,there is no scars on the body or nape.After transplantation due to the blood clots on injection points, the recipient site seems deep red but it is cleaned after first dressing.

In order to the transplanted beard is nourished better there is an increase amount of blood.After the 2. week some part of the transplanted beard and mustache enter into  a temporary loss.After the temporary hair loss a few months later all the lossed hairs grow permanently.


How the mustache transplanted? 

This is the procedure of transplantation of hair roots to the area of superior lip which has sparse hair on it.With the FUE technique, which is used in transplantation, problems such as  scars,operation scar,sear,hair loss can be solved naturally.


With the FUE technique, hair roots are extracted as required and transplantation procedure is performed to the mustache area at the desired density and in the direction that should be in that area.Extracted roots are transplanted with the aid of devices 0,6-0,7 mm without cutting scalp and with this way the duration of transplantation  is shortened and survival rate of extracted roots increase.Following transplantation these hair roots continue to grow.After 4-6 months if there is a sparse area transplantation procedure is repeated. The mustache transplantation procedure should be perforemd by an expert to prevent unintended consequences even if it is a short and practical procedure.







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