Direct Hair Implant Hair Transplantation


 This technique is the latest one developed from FUE technique. At the extraction phase FUE technique is utilized exactly, the seperation and cleansing phase of grafts are also completely the same.This technique differs at the incision opening stage and planting the grafts stage.At this point a pen-like  special instrument  is used.Choi Implanter has a hollow needle on one of its ends and a mechanism which push down the extracted hair grafts.
Practice of Direct Hair Implant, as it is in the FUE technique, firstly incision opening and then instead of root transplant both incision opening and graft transplantation procedure is done simultaneously. At this juncture the width of the apparatus is very important. 
A wide apparatus has the risk of causing a thin transplantation and a narrow apparatus has the risk of  harming healthy roots. In addition, in order to complete this process in a short time,the number of personnel employed in the team is increased and disposable puncturers used are very expensive which makes DHI method more expensive than the FUE method.


Micro-Fue Method for Hair Transplantation Service ...