Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplantation

This is a hair transplant method which is the most commonly used,its' results are best known and there are no scars on the patient's scalp.While this technique is the most widely used technique in the world, success rate differs from whether it is done in the operating room or not and  whether the transplantion is performed by an expert or not.

Although it is a technique that has a very high success rate in literature and practice, if this practice isn't performed by an experienced team in the operating room, this reduces success rate.

FUE Method,( Follicular Unit Extraction) is a procedure that remove some healthy hair follicles with several devices and graft them onto the thinning or bald areas. During this processing the roots in the nape area, which are much more difficult to lose genetically are usually preferred. When hair follicles in the back of the head are extracted, after extraction to prevent the thinning or baldness, hair follicles are selected in a certain extent. In this method, the main source of hair follicles is the follicles in the back of the head, but if the need is more, they can be extracted from the head or other parts of the body (breast hair). During the extraction of hair from the donor site, the area is completely numbed with local anesthesia and the process begins without making feel the patient any pain.

After healthy grafts are extracted with micro motor, these grafts are sorted out and seperated. At this stage, counting is also done. Receiving area is numbed with local anesthesia and opening of the incisions is done with very specific calculations appropriate to natural hairline. Opening incisions is one of the most important stages of the hair transplantation. Hairline and angle should be calculated meticulously and incisions should be made accordingly and tightly. At this point, apart from the contribution of modern equipments, the experience of the hair transplantation team also plays a very important role. After incision opening we come to the last stage and one by one seperated healthy hair roots are placed to the incisions one by one.

The first washing date is determined after our hair transplanted patient is informed in detail about what to do and not to do in this process and at this appointment when the first washing is done, how the washing should be done and what needs to be taken into  account is shown practically.

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