Platelet Rich Plasma Supported Hair Transplantation

Platelet Rich Plasma are materials taken from blood for use in regenerating, repairing and strengthening scalps.

After 10-20 ml blood is taken from the patient red blood cells are seperated from the blood by special centrifugation and micro filtration methods, rich plasma materials such as platelets and white blood cells are obtained.When platelets interact with the  damaged tissue,they activate and secrete a lot of factor for tissue repairing.These rich materials help prevent hair loss as well as shortening healing process.

How is PRP Supported Hair Transplantation is performed?

Your doctor will pass the blood from you through the necessary stages and then inject the PRP into your hair roots.The entire process is completed in about 30 minutes.Tissue development in the affected area begins,the damaged weak hair roots are repaired and new strong hair begins to grow from these roots.It is a practice that produces quite satisfactory results both in women and men.It is strongly  recommended to apply after the hair transplantation in order to obtain good results from the hair transplanted with micro-motor method, in other words the hair transplanted with microfue technique.

What are the advantages of PRP?


Since the product is obtained from the patient's own blood, the product does not cause problems such as refusal of the substance,contamination with blood or allergy.Thanks to the content of the product,during implementation injection points heal in a short time.Damage of the tissues is eliminated  and the new tissue begins to grow thanks to the growth hormone it contains.In addition hormones have many nutritious factors such as vitamins.Implementation is also very easy.

PRP treatment is applied during hair transplant or after hair transplant, in order to regenerating, repairing and strengthening hair follicles and scalp. With special centrifugation and microfiltration methods the blood from the patient is seperated and a rich plasma material is obtained. The regenerating power of this plasma is quite high. With this method it help to prevent hair loss and accelerate the healing process.




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