Unshaven Hair transplant

What is Unshaven Hair Transplant?


Many people who want to have hair transplantation give up the operation when they learn that the hair should be shaved. In hair transplant operations people do not want to be seen with a shaved head. In plastic surgery various methods have been tried to solve the shaving problem. The aim is to provide patients a comfortable period during hair transplantation as much as it is in the healing process after the hair transplantation. In addition to creating a natural appearance for the patient,it also has a great importance in returning to the business and social lives of the patients as soon as possible.


Until a couple of years ago, in the traditional hair transplantation, it was supposed to shave the donor site and the recipient site.It was not easy for patients who had to go around half-shaved hair in this society.It was also very common that many people who wanted to have hair transplants, abandoned it when they learned that the donor area was shaved during the procedure.Unshaven hair transplant technique is a new technique developed to solve this problem.


How is non-shaved hair transplant technique performed?


Those who want to have unshaven hair transplant need to grow their hair  before operation. With this method it is ensured to hide the donor site in the original hair. At the first stage,the region where grafts will be extracted,is determined. At the second stage, the surgeon extracts the grafts determined by the team with the least damage.At the next stage extracted grafts are made ready for planting.At the last stage hair transplantation process is completed so that the natural image is created.

With the non-shaved FUE technique approximately 4,000 hair follicles can be planted in 2 sessions. In each hair graft 1 to 3 hair follicles may extract.With the tools and techniques used in the FUE technique survival possibility of grafts can be increased.Thanks to the developments in plastic surgery such as gold needle tips,micro-motor technique,the success of hair transplant procedure is increasing day by day.

The duration of the operation in the hair transplantation changes for the number of planted grafts, experts and technological equipments of the clinic.However,this procedure requires a lot of time and effort since it is a little bit difficult then the normal FUE technique.For this reason in most clinics fees of non-shaven techniques are slightly higher than shaved techniques.However considering the comfort it provides,it is a very charming opportunity for many patient who delay hair transplantation due to shaving.



What are the benefits of Unshaven hair transplant technique?


• Quick return to daily activities

• Closure of the donor site rapidly

• Implementing FUE technique to man/ woman who doesn't want to cut hair 

• Give the chance of FUE technique to people who have had FUT technique without showing scars.



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